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Teams of academics and other partners are leading marine debris research that answers questions about marine debris types, impacts, and solutions in the Great Lakes. Research papers, reports, and other technical publications are available below.

Marine Debris Content Portlet

Barriers and benefits to desired behaviors for single-use plastic items in northeast Ohio - Final Report
Comparison of the distribution and degradation of plastic debris along shorelines of the Great Lakes, North America
Economic Impacts of Marine Debris on Beaches
Factors influencing microplastic abundances in nearshore, tributary and beach sediments along the Ontario shoreline of Lake Erie
Marine Debris Monitoring & Assessment - Method Recommendations
Photo Credit: NOAA MDP
Quantification of Microplastics on National Park Beaches
Barriers and benefits to desired behaviors for single use plastic items in northeast Ohio's Lake Erie basin
Distribution and Degradation of Fresh Water Plastic Particles Along the Beaches of Lake Huron, Canada
Factors Controlling the Distribution of Microplastic Particles in Benthic Sediment of the Thames River, Canada
Hidden plastics of Lake Ontario, Canada and their potential preservation in the sediment record
Marine Debris Removal Best Practices
Gloved hands holding debris picked up from the beach, including a cigar tip, cigarette butt, bottle cap, and a piece of net
Sources and sinks of microplastics in Canadian Lake Ontario nearshore, tributary and beach sediments